How does cougar woman seeking young man?

The dating landscape has significantly changed over the years. However, what has remained true is the fact that you can find love in some of the most unlikely quarters. Indeed, the world is such a liberal place that whatever two consenting adults agree upon should not be a subject of controversy. Which brings us to the question – how can older women successfully date younger men?

It is undeniably true that the sexual and romantic needs of a younger man are far different from the needs of an older man. So, before getting into any sexual relationship with younger men, you need to understand what to expect out of such arrangements. This post shall offer a quick guide on how a cougar can successfully date a younger man.

Be Cognizant Of the Age Parity

As you are getting in a relationship with a man who is perhaps twice as young as you are, the first thing to do is be cognizance of the age parity between the two of you. Age difference does not have to be an impediment to the relationship. Instead, it is something you can use to your advantage.

Try to learn some of the popular trends among young people and familiarize yourself with the buzz of the moment. This knowledge will prove resourceful especially when you are looking for a great gift for your man. Or it will simply help you maintain political correctness in most of your conversations.

Own the Man

It is generally believed that cougars are wild sensual animals. This is why they are naturally attracted to younger men with explosive energies to satisfy their sexual orgies. As a cougar, this is indeed the main reason for wanting to make out with him.

So, do not shy away from owning your man and demanding for those explosive sexual experiences. Remember that by virtue of his age, he probably has so many younger damsels chasing after him. Take care that you service his needs so much that he sees the essence of every woman in you.

Give Him Some Freedom

This may appear like a direct contrast to our advice on owning the man. However, though he might love you and relish having sex with you, he might still be bogged down with the pressure of hanging out with his fellow boys. As the woman in the relationship, you are at liberty to investigate the kind of friends he keeps in his circle.

However, do not be too demanding and instead, give him ample space to interact with his peers. You might not already know it, but most discussions during such interactions are often centered around satisfying your sexual needs. So, do not be surprised if he pulls a new style each time he is fresh from meeting with his boys.

Be In It For The Long Haul

Oh, yes, this is a difficult one, but very important. Like sugar daddy –sugar baby relationships, an older woman seeking young man is seldom in it for the long haul. It is true that such marriages are built on the convenience of sex and money. However, keep your options open, as you never know when he might pop the big question.

Irrespective of age, men are so futuristic. Therefore, they will mostly consent to a relationship with some continuity plan. Picture those blissful moments you have together and imagine how it would be if he were to become yours for the rest of your life.


And there goes our short guide on how cougars can successfully date young men. Evidently, the trick lies in how you manage your expectations.